The Perfect Calm


This morning at Swan Pond was heavy with dew and cool still air. The water’s surface like glass. Clouds seemed more suspended than floating or blowing.

An incredible blessing.

Gray’s Beach Yarmouth

I have been here many times but feel I could or should have come here more often.

The board walk is still closed off because of damage it took in a storm earlier this winter. But it was still a great night. Great views without freezing or being eaten alive by mosquitoes. And a big not quite full moon.

Sea Mist and Clouds

I haven’t followed the weather the last day or so. Sometimes the changes come so fast that relying on a weather report for hour to hour changes is too tedious.

This morning, at least for a while as the sun rose, there was wind, clouds and sea mist.

By Design

Chunks of ice rest on the beach, too heavy to return to the water. They dot the shore for as far as you can see.

Looking as if measured and cut, some chunks float on the calm water and become islands for birds to take their prey.

Even the clouds seem exquisitely designed.