Early Saturday Morning

Little wonder why I was the only one at each beach I visited this morning. It was cold with a brisk wind off Cape Cod Bay.

For me the lure of a setting moon over the bay at low tide was too much to pass up.

Friends and Foes Along the Rail Trail


What you see are wild plants along the section of the Cape Cod Rail Trail (CCRT) While I was glad to not detect any poison ivy, these plants are invasive and are not native to New England. The two frail, barely visible weeds in the center, however, are very damaging to the soil and create an environment where only poison ivy can thrive.

I spotted very soil friendly clover along the trail. Areas near the parking lots were wisely mass planted with clover. Clover improves the quality of the soil and allows many species of plants to thrive.

Gray’s Beach Yarmouth

I have been here many times but feel I could or should have come here more often.

The board walk is still closed off because of damage it took in a storm earlier this winter. But it was still a great night. Great views without freezing or being eaten alive by mosquitoes. And a big not quite full moon.

Sea Mist and Clouds

I haven’t followed the weather the last day or so. Sometimes the changes come so fast that relying on a weather report for hour to hour changes is too tedious.

This morning, at least for a while as the sun rose, there was wind, clouds and sea mist.