Hot Coffee on a Cold Morning in Wellfleet

A little brisk this morning in Wellfleet. Clouds on the horizon made for some interesting images as the sun rose higher in the sky. A great morning for coffee on the beach.


Revisiting The White Cedar Swamp

Each season allows a different layer of beauty to go on display. The young vegetation from my spring visit is dead; the lively green replaced by multicolored leaves. The branches that filtered the morning sun now provide texture to dull grey sky.  Even the shapes and grains of bark and branches have a harder, dryer edge.


Cool and Creepy Morning Walk

I took a walk this morning on the Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Trail in Wellfleet.

It was an interesting walk. I enjoyed the bright morning light and the early growth of the plants and trees. As the trail meandered closer to the swamp the light and vegetation became denser. The objects the moss grew on became eerily defined. And the reflections on the swamp water were haunting.

Planning on coming back here soon.