Power and Beauty

About a year ago I had an opportunity to get to the National Sea Shore towards the end of a coastal storm. These beaches where I have photographed surreal serene moments at sunrise became tumultuous, full of energy and power. Yet, incredibly beautiful.


Cape Cod Baseball League Game Fogged Out

The bank beyond the outfield fence at Veteran’s Park in Chatham has become one of my favorite places to go this summer. From there you can pick your spot for your lawn chair and take in a ballgame at a beautiful park right in the heart of Chatham.

It was warm yesterday. The first thing I noticed as I walked to the bank overlooking the field was the cool breeze blowing out. It made for a cool comfortable spot to watch the daily pre-game activities which are routine but never mundane, spectacular but barely noticed.

The game began and soon the temperature began to drop, it dipped 10 degrees F in about 2 hours, the best I could tell.

The game had to be called due to Fog in the later innings.




A Great Night at Chapin Beach

A cold front came through today with heavy rain. It moved through quickly and there were openings in the layers of clouds which made for an incredible sunset.

Feeling grateful for the change in the weather, the change in the sky, and the natural beauty that surrounds us here on Cape Cod.

I imagine many people planned on coming here tonight, traveling great distances through the rain. I hope they made it out to see what several of us saw on Chapin Beach tonight. These visitors may call it an incredible surprise, a great reward for their laborious travel. We call it Friday.

How great is that?

Bright and Colorful

After so many days of gray skies it was great to start the day with so much color and light.

Fortunate to be able to go to a few spots in Sandwich this morning. What a great start to the week.052118 Monday Sunrise052118 Morning Light052118 Sandwich Boardwalk

Super Blue Moon

The second full moon of the first month of the year. This year is off to a great start.

I did one of the things I would suggest to anyone visiting the area and was able to get this shot.

DSCN0008 (2)