Saturday Morning

I was on Chatham Light Beach well before sunrise today.  There was a cool breeze from the north and a gentle pastel glow along the horizon.

There was a thick cloud layer blocking the iconic capture of the sun popping above the water.

I headed towards Orleans and was fortunate enough to capture another Cape iconic image of the sun rising above a bay. This was taken south of the Pleasant Bay, Orleans.

081520 Pleasant Bay


A Crisp Walk on the CCRT

It was cool and crisp on the Cape Cod Rail Trail this morning. The wind was light. The sky was blue. The clouds to the south were spectacular. Slideshow from today’s walk below.

See more information from about the CCRT here.


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These walks are more than taking in beauty, which at times is simply staggering. These times are great for stimulating creativity and a sense of wonder.

What is this? And how many people have walked under it without knowing it was there. And how often, in general, does this happen. I admit, I didn’t see this until my second pass this morning:

013020 CCRT Friday

When I came along these two large trees of different species but set so perfectly together, at least it seemed so to me, I thought they looked like a mature happily married couple. This guided me to seeing the essence of these walks.

013020 Happily Married Couple

“It is the marriage of the soul with Nature that makes intellect fruitful, and gives birth to imagination,” — Henry David Thoreau

Remembering Days I Liked Clouds

It feels like 40 but probably has been only four days since the sun has appeared in the sky for more than muted gray glow.

I’m sure I’m not alone in longing for at least a little more sunshine, maybe a more distinct gray on gray, perhaps some color.

Today I remember the glowing sky on the horizon in the early morning and late evening hours.

Great Week at Bass Hole

I went to Bass Hole in Yarmouthport twice this week, on Sunday and again on Friday.

The visits were short But both times I was glad I made my way over there.

It’s a very popular place that time of the day during the summer. It’s an interesting shared experience where all were in some state of awe.