Foggy Morning at the National Sea Shore

I took a quick video of three seagulls sharing a morning meal. This seemed to pique the curiosity of a couple of passing seals.

Cape Cod National Sea Shore

Some photos from this morning’s adventure:

Nauset Light Beach
Nauset Light
Coast Guard Beach

A Great Place to Be

A south facing beach was a great place to catch the rising sun and the setting moon this morning. I don’t thing I was alone with that opinion.

Sometimes I  make new friends on the beach in the early morning hours. Someone who seems to be taking in the beauty of nature along with me. … someone who will be my focal point, a silhouette against the morning light, even photo bomb here and there.



On a day when we are rejoicing that it feels like, I won’t say it, …. that feels like non-winter, I can only imagine what these guys are feeling right now.

Unexpected Morning Light

It’s nice when you think it’s going to be a cloudy day with some rain, like the last two or three or four, and there is a break in the clouds as the sun begins to rise. A couple of sea gulls looked liked they were diggin’ it, too.4-29-17 Cloudy Sunrise4-29-17 Early Light4-29-17 Two gulls posing

Feeding Time

The tide was going out late in the day. It was cold with a strong wind.The sea gulls arrived and foraged the marsh fields.

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I had never seen so many birds together at one time here before tonight.