Clouds Along the Horizon

Tonight the clouds along the horizon at sunset had an incredible texture. The photos with a more golden hue were taken from the bay side of Yarmouth. The ones with the pink tone were taken from the Lewis Bay/Nantucket Sound side. …. kind of had to fly through traffic to get those, but that’s another story.

Eyes Peering Through

What I like most on mornings when there are layers of clouds on the horizon is how the sun shines through.

At times, often, I think, it shines through the layers and appears like a pair of eyes. Are these eyes peering inward or outward?eyes




The moon is silent. It has no agenda. It has the coveted perfection of just being. We are connected by the moon because the beauty is shared with all. Often we feel this connection deeply while aware others are experiencing the same beauty at the same moment.

(Some of these pics previously posted)

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