Tonight at First Encounter Beach

I went to several places along 6A tonight. There were thick clouds along the horizon once again tonight.

My last stop was at First Encounter Beach in Eastham. It was chilly with strong winds. You can see the agitated surface of water even in the small pool left from the tide going out.

You never know what you may find when you look to the sky. In the east clouds rest above the growing vegetation.

060419 First Encounter Tonight




Great Week at Bass Hole

I went to Bass Hole in Yarmouthport twice this week, on Sunday and again on Friday.

The visits were short But both times I was glad I made my way over there.

It’s a very popular place that time of the day during the summer. It’s an interesting shared experience where all were in some state of awe.

A Great Place to Be

A south facing beach was a great place to catch the rising sun and the setting moon this morning. I don’t thing I was alone with that opinion.

Sometimes I  make new friends on the beach in the early morning hours. Someone who seems to be taking in the beauty of nature along with me. … someone who will be my focal point, a silhouette against the morning light, even photo bomb here and there.