Sunday Sunrise

It was a cold but comfortable morning at Marconi Beach. The wind was light and the surrounding color breathtaking. A good beach walking day.

Out on the Sandbar

I was able to walk out about 50 yards out to the Atlantic Ocean this morning on a sandbar remaining from low tide. A few minutes before sunrise I had to return to the beach as the tide was coming in and it was too cold to be out with wet feet.

Long before the sun reached the horizon a beam of light brightened the sky.

Departing Storm

It rained overnight and into the early morning hours. I was out after sunrise watching the storm depart. A clear blue sky pushed the storm eastward to the ocean. There was a strong and steady wind hitting the bay side beaches. On the ocean side it had diminished to a steady land breeze.

Skaket Beach Tonight

I can’t seem to get enough of Skaket Beach this week.

At sunset tonight with a strong wind off the water the look and vibe of this fabulous place was strikingly different from two days ago.


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