Catching the Early Glow

I was fortunate enough to be on Marconi Beach well before sunrise this morning. For a few minutes the clouds to the south of the setting sun began to glow from the sunlight below the horizon.

I was able to capture the beginning of this on video.

Daucus carota in the Morning

I was fascinated by this plant on a recent morning walk. I will be keeping my eye out for more Daucus carota/Queen Anne Lace.

I have seen bees taking shelter in blossoms of Rosa rugosa and can imagine this flower providing the same kind of accommodations.

Last Spring Sunset 2022

I was at Skaket Beach last night to catch the last sunset of spring 2022.

I wasn’t alone. Summer bugs were there as well. Although counterintuitive, getting closer to the water brought more relief from flying insects. It often does because air currents are stronger.

The colors and texture of the clouds were amazing. The afterglow was hypnotic.

Nauset Beach at Low Tide

Nauset Beach

This is a photo taken from the shore line at Nauset Beach during low tide. It was taken shortly before sunrise. I found it spectacular.

Interestingly enough, I soon turned around and took a photo of the rising sun. This photo was quite popular.

Sunrise 6/14 Nauset Beach

This Morning’s Setting Moon

I followed the moon to Yarmouth at around 5:00 AM today. Its position in the sky as it set was that of the setting sun during winter. I am only aware of this because I took these photos from a location from which I used to capture the setting winter sun.

The Rising Flower Moon

These images were taken Sunday night at Nauset Light Beach. Some were taken of the northern horizon while waiting for the moon to appear in the east.

The full moon tonight was blocked by thick clouds on the horizon, but it rose above them, and visibility was only challenged by lighter clouds blowing across from the south.