Moonrise at Nauset Beach Video

I wanted to capture the energy of the ocean surging beneath the serene rising moon.

You will want to keep the volume very low or even mute your device as the sound of the wind and surf is intense. I kept the sound because it was very much part of the experience.



It was on this date that I took these photos at Chatham Light Beach. Almost daily I take a look at the OTD notifications. This night was special, however. I think I only came close to capturing that.

Moonrise at Chatham Light Beach

I went down closer to the water behind one of the lower dunes and was quite comfortable. The sand was not cold at all and I was blocked by the land breeze.

The pink glow and it’s reflection on the water before the moonrise was amazing.

The rising moon appeared to weave in and out of lower clouds. At times it seemed cropped, other times it looked like a sloppy mark had been made through the center.

Full Harvest Moon

I watched the full moon rise tonight from Red River Beach in Harwich. The tide was out and I began shooting photos and videos from one of the breakers on this south facing beach. I later moved away from the water as the moon moved towards the water.

The video is not the best visually. However, I really liked the sound. The camera mics captured the waves hitting the breaker only a few feet away. To me, sound was a key part of the experience tonight.

Tonight’s Full Moon Approaching

It’s about one hour before the full moon is to rise. But will we be able to see in from Cape Cod?

I’m about to head out to some east facing beaches to see if there is any hope of catching the moonrise.

About 24 hours ago I was in Harwich watching the moon rise, not full, but impressive size, just in case I can’t catch a glimpse tonight.

Wind Surfer Trying to Catch the Moon
Side Mirror Photo of Rising Moon and Northern Sky
Moon Rising