Chasing and Waiting

After an afternoon of bright sunshine, fog formed along the horizon. `The moon appeared more distinctly as it rose in the early evening sky. It was a good night to chase the moon.

Twilight at Veteran’s Beach, Hyannis

A Great Place to Be

A south facing beach was a great place to catch the rising sun and the setting moon this morning. I don’t thing I was alone with that opinion.

Sometimes I  make new friends on the beach in the early morning hours. Someone who seems to be taking in the beauty of nature along with me. … someone who will be my focal point, a silhouette against the morning light, even photo bomb here and there.


Gray’s Beach Yarmouth

I have been here many times but feel I could or should have come here more often.

The board walk is still closed off because of damage it took in a storm earlier this winter. But it was still a great night. Great views without freezing or being eaten alive by mosquitoes. And a big not quite full moon.