Well Before Sunrise

One morning this past week I went to Linnell Landing Beach to take some long exposure photos. It was an interesting time but could have been more adventurous.

I had heard a pack of coyotes before getting there and saw two cross the road as I approached the beach. Given the time and location, I wasn’t surprised at all. I set up my tripod in the darkness and began shooting. It was eerily quiet. I sensed a presence nearby. After the first photo appeared I learned that the tide was out. As the second and third photos processed, I observed the sound of water trickling through stones as it does in the many small tidal streams. Soon after I heard a distinctive sound of something stepping on the stones.

I turned the tripod towards the direction of those steps in hopes of capturing what I presumed was nearby coyote. I didn’t get any coyote photos but was able to get some interesting images of Cape Cod Bay.