Bass Hole Boardwalk

Last week I walked Chapin beach at low tide and was able to capture some images of the boardwalk at Bass Hole/Gray’s Beach. This morning I walked the boardwalk and took photos towards Chapin Beach as well as others.

Gray’s Beach Yarmouth

I have been here many times but feel I could or should have come here more often.

The board walk is still closed off because of damage it took in a storm earlier this winter. But it was still a great night. Great views without freezing or being eaten alive by mosquitoes. And a big not quite full moon.

Gray’s Beach

Gray’s Beach is a place where you are more comfortable when it is cool and windy. It is especially so at low tide as it has a tendency to get buggy.

The long board walk way out into the salt marsh makes this a popular spot to enjoy the setting sun.

Because of the changes the tide brings to life on the salt marsh, Gray’s Beach, also known as Bass Hole,¬†offers a variety of things to look at on each visit.DSCN9273DSCN9274DSCN9280DSCN9298DSCN9266DSCN9271