A Week Without The Sun Shining

Over the next seven days the weather will range from light to heavy rain, occasional rain, and times of no rain but dark clouds.

Time to appreciate the brighter times.


Glowing Clouds and Wet Feet

I am grateful for each day I can start at the ocean with the early morning light. It was one of those mornings when I couldn’t seem to get close enough to take it all in and got a good foot soak as I took these photos.

Definitely Wet Feet From This One
Nauset Beach
First Shot of the Day
Looking North At Nauset Beach

First Glimpse of the Sun

A Great Night at Chapin Beach

A cold front came through today with heavy rain. It moved through quickly and there were openings in the layers of clouds which made for an incredible sunset.

Feeling grateful for the change in the weather, the change in the sky, and the natural beauty that surrounds us here on Cape Cod.

I imagine many people planned on coming here tonight, traveling great distances through the rain. I hope they made it out to see what several of us saw on Chapin Beach tonight. These visitors may call it an incredible surprise, a great reward for their laborious travel. We call it Friday.

How great is that?

Bright and Colorful

After so many days of gray skies it was great to start the day with so much color and light.

Fortunate to be able to go to a few spots in Sandwich this morning. What a great start to the week.052118 Monday Sunrise052118 Morning Light052118 Sandwich Boardwalk