Flower Moon


This Morning’s Setting Moon

I followed the moon to Yarmouth at around 5:00 AM today. Its position in the sky as it set was that of the setting sun during winter. I am only aware of this because I took these photos from a location from which I used to capture the setting winter sun.

The Rising Flower Moon

These images were taken Sunday night at Nauset Light Beach. Some were taken of the northern horizon while waiting for the moon to appear in the east.

The full moon tonight was blocked by thick clouds on the horizon, but it rose above them, and visibility was only challenged by lighter clouds blowing across from the south.

Chatham Light Beach

Although the Full Harvest Moon is tomorrow night, I thought tonight’s rising moon at Chatham Light Beach was stunning. There was fog and haze on the horizon but the moon was fairly clear shortly after rising over the horizon.

Tonight’s Full Moon Approaching

It’s about one hour before the full moon is to rise. But will we be able to see in from Cape Cod?

I’m about to head out to some east facing beaches to see if there is any hope of catching the moonrise.

About 24 hours ago I was in Harwich watching the moon rise, not full, but impressive size, just in case I can’t catch a glimpse tonight.

Wind Surfer Trying to Catch the Moon
Side Mirror Photo of Rising Moon and Northern Sky
Moon Rising

A Great Place to Be

A south facing beach was a great place to catch the rising sun and the setting moon this morning. I don’t thing I was alone with that opinion.

Sometimes I  make new friends on the beach in the early morning hours. Someone who seems to be taking in the beauty of nature along with me. … someone who will be my focal point, a silhouette against the morning light, even photo bomb here and there.


A Glimpse of the Divine

It seems obvious, of course, to say the moon is enormous. It is, after all, a full moon, a SUPER moon, right?

It really isn’t much of a surprise to observe that despite being hidden behind layers of clouds it out shined the man made light along the shore.

And it was more than a thing that carved a gargantuan swath of light from the darkness.

Like so many things in Nature that are truly awesome, it was a glimpse of the divine.

010218 Enormous