Spooky Sunday

There was no shortage of spooky images at Bass Hole Sunday morning thanks to the low tide, a rolling fog, and a very busy spider.

(Anything But) Crisp and Cool

Last weekend it was crisp and cool, so much so, fog formed over the warmer water.

Flax Pond, Yarmouth, MA

The image of this gentle glide over the surface of Flax Pond is particularly acute today because of the downpours from the slow moving warm front.

Back for More

Made it back to one of my favorite spots in Harwich this morning before the fog completely burned off.

Warm day long sun plus cool nights plus no wind equals incredible scenery.

Frosty and Foggy Ponds and Bogs

This had to have been the coldest morning this fall. At least the coldest I had the pleasure to experience.

It was quite spectacular to come upon fog illuminated by the morning sun. The fog looked like smoke because it was so thick and in motion from the sudden change in temperature. After the fog burned off the air became still, as did the surface of the water.

Next week I will need to get out an hour earlier to catch these things.

I’m okay with that.

Cape Cod Baseball League Game Fogged Out

The bank beyond the outfield fence at Veteran’s Park in Chatham has become one of my favorite places to go this summer. From there you can pick your spot for your lawn chair and take in a ballgame at a beautiful park right in the heart of Chatham.

It was warm yesterday. The first thing I noticed as I walked to the bank overlooking the field was the cool breeze blowing out. It made for a cool comfortable spot to watch the daily pre-game activities which are routine but never mundane, spectacular but barely noticed.

The game began and soon the temperature began to drop, it dipped 10 degrees F in about 2 hours, the best I could tell.

The game had to be called due to Fog in the later innings.