A Calm Fall Morning

Still pond water glowed with striking reflections this morning. Sometimes you just have to pull over and take a shot.

Calm Autumn Morning
Reflections Off the Pond Surface
Reflection of Clouds

Naturally Occurring Abstract Image

Feels Like October

It was a perfect morning to wear a hoodie and sweats and feel the cold sand on my bare feet. I have been waiting a while for this.

Clouds on the Horizon

Nauset Beach, Orleans

Sunbeams did not appear until after the sun rose well over the horizon. That, too, was worth the wait.

2017 Super Moon


This is the closest the moon has come to the earth since 1948. It won’t be this close again until 2034.

I made sure I got out there tonight for the rising moon because I don’t know where I’ll be in 2034 but I won’t be smelling that good.



It was a good day for me to get outside to clear my head.

The wind was strong and relentless. It created a dull roar between my ears that could only be interrupted by the cries of the feeding sea gulls. The continuous blank harmonic had the effect of erasing replays of dramatic episodes.

The sky was big and blue with billowing clouds that took on the appearance of strange objects as the day progressed.

I could not have hoped to accomplish more today.


Cold Out


Today’s morning coffee with swans was too cold for the swans apparently. The wooden walkway out through the vegetation and out to the pond had patches of thin ice. This is not always comfortable while holding hot coffee and a camera.

First cold morning of the year in my opinion. Temps in the mid 30’s again but it had settled in to stay. It won’t be truly warm again for at least 5 months.