Saturday Morning

I was on Chatham Light Beach well before sunrise today.  There was a cool breeze from the north and a gentle pastel glow along the horizon.

There was a thick cloud layer blocking the iconic capture of the sun popping above the water.

I headed towards Orleans and was fortunate enough to capture another Cape iconic image of the sun rising above a bay. This was taken south of the Pleasant Bay, Orleans.

081520 Pleasant Bay


Cape Cod Baseball League Game Fogged Out

The bank beyond the outfield fence at Veteran’s Park in Chatham has become one of my favorite places to go this summer. From there you can pick your spot for your lawn chair and take in a ballgame at a beautiful park right in the heart of Chatham.

It was warm yesterday. The first thing I noticed as I walked to the bank overlooking the field was the cool breeze blowing out. It made for a cool comfortable spot to watch the daily pre-game activities which are routine but never mundane, spectacular but barely noticed.

The game began and soon the temperature began to drop, it dipped 10 degrees F in about 2 hours, the best I could tell.

The game had to be called due to Fog in the later innings.




A Spiritual Morning in Chatham

It has been some time, a month, actually, since I have posted. It’s been a time of experiencing nature without the need or effort of chronicling the experience.

This experience is a spiritual one and today I brought my camera. I think nature is God’s way, the Spirit’s way of speaking to us. It’s rare that I connect the spiritual experience to the human one. But, like I said, today I brought my camera.

What I found to be most profound is what I see as the image of the cross. I think it’s safe to say this image created by the early morning sun reflected on the water and spread across the horizon has been visible to the world as long as there has been a world. Of course, before Christ’s Crucifixion it was not seen as the image of the cross. But after the Resurrection the icon of the crucifix resonated deeply because of this image in the natural world. That is, it was already in our collective memory as a spiritual image before it became a religious icon.AnticipationCrossCrucifixThe First Sunrise


This Morning’s Walk

It was overcast and warm with little wind. I was walking on the beach with no humans in sight. But there were plenty of birds. They took flight as the early morning sun beamed between layers of clouds.113-sr113-sr2sea-birds-in-morning-lightsun-through-clouds-1sun-trough-clouds-2walkin-2walkin-3walkin-4