Bass Hole Boardwalk

Last week I walked Chapin beach at low tide and was able to capture some images of the boardwalk at Bass Hole/Gray’s Beach. This morning I walked the boardwalk and took photos towards Chapin Beach as well as others.

Eerie Night at Chapin Beach

The tide was out under heavy clouds while the sun was setting tonight. The tidal flats were very similar to what I found in Brewster over the last few days.

However, there was something eerie about Chapin Beach tonight. All that beach, hundreds of yards to the water, where often times I have seen waves lapping the shore. And all that isolation, being there, just me, in all that empty space.

Just like the water, the beach walkers and lounge chairs, swimmers and photographers seemed to vanish into the darkness. And only the ghosts remain.

What fun madness. I’m so glad I went.