Marconi Beach

There was a brief glow from the rising sun before it rose above the horizon. For the most part, the dunes blocked the chilly wind. Walking along the shoreline with only sea birds and a curious seal as company was a great way to start the day.

Sunday Morning Vibe

I often go to the National Sea Shore on Sunday mornings to catch those sky burning sunrises. But today was overcast and otherwise more toned down. I went to the bay side of the Cape. Clouds on the horizon played with water and sand making for a meditative, almost hypnotic experience.

Friday In Falmouth

Images from late afternoon and early evening in Falmouth. The Full Beaver Moon rose in approaching darkness. The views before moonrise were also spectacular.

Clouds Over Martha’s Vineyard
Ducks Finding a Shield from the Wind
Nighttime Approaching
Full Moon and Porch Light
Full Beaver Moon
Mesmerizing Moonlight Reflection

Back for More

Made it back to one of my favorite spots in Harwich this morning before the fog completely burned off.

Warm day long sun plus cool nights plus no wind equals incredible scenery.