A Half Hour on the CCRT

Took a walk on the Cape Cod Rail Trail this afternoon. Just awesome.


Namskaket Creek

Another sunny warm day, another bike ride to Namskaket Creek.

The late afternoon light accentuated the contrasts with light and color.

No crowd. Just cyclists zipping through.

A Winter Morning Walk

After days of rain the sky cleared at least a little bit.

It was much cooler this morning than it has been in quite a while. About halfway through the walk the Northwest wind picked up and dropped some bay effect snow/sleet. It seemed like the moisture whipped up from about a half mile away didn’t have time to fully form as flakes and came down as ice. I thought it ironic that they looked very much like ice melt pellets.

The low lying vegetation on the edge of the forest seemed to hold up these wind formed frozen droplets like jewels for all to see.DSCN2602DSCN2603DSCN2605021420 Morning Magic021420 Morning Moon



Life on the Trail

I took a 4 mile walk on the Cape Cod Rail Trail this morning.

It was teeming with life! There were healthy grasses and clover as well as very mature garlic mustard and other invasive plants. There were birds and bunnies and who knows what in the more wooded areas.

I came across a number of slugs crossing the path, leaving their distinctive trail chronicling their travel. Sometimes it appeared they changed their minds part way, or maybe lost their sense of direction. How many finished their race to the other side ahead of the rising sun or before becoming a morning snack, I don’t know.