Setting Moon at Low Tide

Skaket Beach, Orleans

Tonight at Crosby Beach

Tonight’s sunset brought a serene end to the day.

The sun seemed to melt along the horizon.

The sand swallowed the incoming tide.

We were a scattered few on the beach tonight. Short conversations pleasantly muted by the lapping shore.

A Winter Morning Walk

After days of rain the sky cleared at least a little bit.

It was much cooler this morning than it has been in quite a while. About halfway through the walk the Northwest wind picked up and dropped some bay effect snow/sleet. It seemed like the moisture whipped up from about a half mile away didn’t have time to fully form as flakes and came down as ice. I thought it ironic that they looked very much like ice melt pellets.

The low lying vegetation on the edge of the forest seemed to hold up these wind formed frozen droplets like jewels for all to see.DSCN2602DSCN2603DSCN2605021420 Morning Magic021420 Morning Moon