A Cool Morning

It felt more like a fall morning on Nauset Beach today. Perfect beach walking weather, if you ask me.

The sunrise was stunning. But the view to the southern horizon stole the show.

Out in the Saturday Sun

I spent Saturday afternoon out in the sun, visiting a few bayside beaches before heading over to Nauset Beach. Ironically, the images of hypnotic clouds on the horizon and the stillness of the tidal flats were captured while facing a strong and steady wind while the images of white caps and ocean spray were captured in relatively peaceful conditions.

Chasing Clouds

I spent some time Sunday afternoon visiting bay side beaches at low tide to capture the clouds on the horizon.

Crosby Beach
Breakwater Beach, Brewster
Breakwater Beach, Brewster
Paine’s Creek Beach, Brewster
Cold Storage Beach, Dennis
Cold Storage Beach

Out on the Sandbar

I was able to walk out about 50 yards out to the Atlantic Ocean this morning on a sandbar remaining from low tide. A few minutes before sunrise I had to return to the beach as the tide was coming in and it was too cold to be out with wet feet.

Long before the sun reached the horizon a beam of light brightened the sky.