Out on the Sandbar

I was able to walk out about 50 yards out to the Atlantic Ocean this morning on a sandbar remaining from low tide. A few minutes before sunrise I had to return to the beach as the tide was coming in and it was too cold to be out with wet feet.

Long before the sun reached the horizon a beam of light brightened the sky.

Departing Storm

It rained overnight and into the early morning hours. I was out after sunrise watching the storm depart. A clear blue sky pushed the storm eastward to the ocean. There was a strong and steady wind hitting the bay side beaches. On the ocean side it had diminished to a steady land breeze.

Feels Like October

It was a perfect morning to wear a hoodie and sweats and feel the cold sand on my bare feet. I have been waiting a while for this.

Clouds on the Horizon

Nauset Beach, Orleans

Sunbeams did not appear until after the sun rose well over the horizon. That, too, was worth the wait.

Morning Coffee at Nauset Beach

It certainly was a very calm way to start the day. The sun had not risen from the heavy cloud bank on the horizon. And the colors of the pastel clouds and multi toned sand with the dancing beach grass all did their morning thing.

Nauset Beach, Orleans
Nauset Beach Orleans

Power and Beauty

About a year ago I had an opportunity to get to the National Sea Shore towards the end of a coastal storm. These beaches where I have photographed surreal serene moments at sunrise became tumultuous, full of energy and power. Yet, incredibly beautiful.