Rising Moon and Afterglow

This was the perfect last image for tonight at First Encounter Beach.


(Anything But) Crisp and Cool

Last weekend it was crisp and cool, so much so, fog formed over the warmer water.

Flax Pond, Yarmouth, MA

The image of this gentle glide over the surface of Flax Pond is particularly acute today because of the downpours from the slow moving warm front.

Well Before Sunrise

One morning this past week I went to Linnell Landing Beach to take some long exposure photos. It was an interesting time but could have been more adventurous.

I had heard a pack of coyotes before getting there and saw two cross the road as I approached the beach. Given the time and location, I wasn’t surprised at all. I set up my tripod in the darkness and began shooting. It was eerily quiet. I sensed a presence nearby. After the first photo appeared I learned that the tide was out. As the second and third photos processed, I observed the sound of water trickling through stones as it does in the many small tidal streams. Soon after I heard a distinctive sound of something stepping on the stones.

I turned the tripod towards the direction of those steps in hopes of capturing what I presumed was nearby coyote. I didn’t get any coyote photos but was able to get some interesting images of Cape Cod Bay.

Fall Morning

It has been a typical fall morning so far. There were openings in the clouds along the horizon at the National Sea Shore which invited a glowing sun that never showed. Clouds thickened, fog rolled in. On my way to the bay side the sun shined through the clouds. And then it didn’t. Now it’s raining.

Before all this, I was at Marconi beach. It was dark enough for me to see my shadow form from the moonlight. It was a good opportunity to take some pics with longer exposure times.