Friday Morning at Nauset Beach

As Friday arrived clouds were already approaching. The clouds are predicted to stay and the temperature to get lower. Like this morning’s sliver of pink glow an hour before sunrise, if I was going to enjoy a little spring, it had to be right now.

I do admit it was a little early in the season to go barefoot on the beach. But other than that, I had a great time. Low clouds moved in from the south forming new cloud shapes on the horizon.

Nauset Beach

Herring Gulls

I wasn’t able to get the shots I wanted to get tonight, the ones of herring squirming in the beaks of gulls, but I did get shots of very attentive birds who posed perfectly still for me as they looked for more fish to eat.


It was on this date that I took these photos at Chatham Light Beach. Almost daily I take a look at the OTD notifications. This night was special, however. I think I only came close to capturing that.