Twilight in Harwich

This is one of my favorite spots from late fall thru early spring. There are a lot of reflections and color to work with here.

Frosty and Foggy Ponds and Bogs

This had to have been the coldest morning this fall. At least the coldest I had the pleasure to experience.

It was quite spectacular to come upon fog illuminated by the morning sun. The fog looked like smoke because it was so thick and in motion from the sudden change in temperature. After the fog burned off the air became still, as did the surface of the water.

Next week I will need to get out an hour earlier to catch these things.

I’m okay with that.

Early Coffee

My day started with coffee at a south facing beach in Yarmouth. It had rained overnight and the clouds were starting to open.

The crescent moon had risen and the glow of the sun was coming to the horizon. Thick clouds formed shadows on Nantucket Sound.

Mind blowing way to start the day.

A Calm Fall Morning

Still pond water glowed with striking reflections this morning. Sometimes you just have to pull over and take a shot.

Calm Autumn Morning
Reflections Off the Pond Surface
Reflection of Clouds

Naturally Occurring Abstract Image

Moonrise at Chatham Light Beach

I went down closer to the water behind one of the lower dunes and was quite comfortable. The sand was not cold at all and I was blocked by the land breeze.

The pink glow and it’s reflection on the water before the moonrise was amazing.

The rising moon appeared to weave in and out of lower clouds. At times it seemed cropped, other times it looked like a sloppy mark had been made through the center.