A Calm Chilly Morning

Tomorrow we are supposed to get a nor’easter. As calm before the storm moments go, this one was stunning.

Dowses Beach, Osterville


Bright and Sunny Dowses Beach

This morning I skipped coffee and got right out to Dowses Beach. The sky was clear and there was some ambient light before sunrise along the horizon.

As is so often the case, I found myself overwhelmed by the bright light from the sun as it rose above the horizon.

Absurdly obvious, the sun was so damn bright.

Bass Hole

I recently caught a glimpse of a sunset at Bass Hole. It never disappoints.

There can be different moods in the same sky depending which direction you are facing. Many, if not all, are captivating.

Celebrating Morning Light

The easy part about taking morning pics in the winter is that you can sleep in a little longer. The tough part about taking morning shots in the winter is that it is winter. It’s often cold and wet.

Sometimes you need a little luck. Sometimes your car roof comes in handy.